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 Galetta and Our Little Community Hall 

Have you seen the Mississippi as the early morning calls
as the waters dance and cascade as they
head off down the falls?
our elegant little churches
as they nestle snug within
or the trucks turning in on Wednesdays
as our auction day begins?
thank goodness for the foresight
of folks who had the spark
to jack up the old timbers
and move them to Russell Park
they're melding here together
like a branch on the old tree
like a grandma rocking grandson
on a tired and weathered knee
is there something in this omen
of saving old and new
to harmonize together
and synchronize the two?
'blessed be the ties that bind' they say
and 'room enough for all'
send down this kind of spirit, Lord
to this Community Hall. 

                 Norma Dixon

                 Fitzroy Harbour, Ont. 1989

With permission